Undie Guy

I’m your regular guy who loves sexy underwear and showing it off. Always honest and frank about who I am and what I think, I’m a giving person who’d like very much to share his undies with someone special. Alas, if only guys would be more consistent, less afraid of commitment and more willing to love beyond the limits of their fears.

I think sex and sexuality are natural and shouldn’t be hidden or spoken about in hushed tones. As long as you aren’t hurting anyone, there’s nothing wrong with nudity and being sexy. We need to be ourselves, be proud of what we are and tackle the real issues that we live with and that stop us from living our lives in the fullest way possible.

I’m lucky to have the CEOs and marketing executives of some great brands of underwear, sex toy and men’s lifestyle brands supporting me and sharing their expertise with me. I value them as much as they value my candid and unique reviewing skills.

When I have guys share their personal life with me, ask me for advice or just tell me how happy I make them, it’s truly humbling to think that these reviews can elicit such deep interactions. The flirty, hot chats now and then are nice too!

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